Small girl, Big dreams

I want to grow up and be able to have a world map in my house.  I dream of having a ton of little red pins all over showing the places I’ve visited.  Along with being a world traveler id like to complete my college degree, go to vet school and be happy.  Here is my bucket list!

1. See the Northern Lights

2. Take a picture at the Hollywood sign in CA

3. Volunteer at the Elephant Rescue in Thailand

4. Ride in a hot air balloon

5. Ride a Gondola in Italy

6. Ride a Camel

7. See Niagara Falls

8. Act in a movie

9. Write a book

10. Save a life

11. Befriend a celebrity

12. Get Married

13. Attend the Olympics

14. Sleep in a castle

15. Start my own business

16. Get accepted to Vet school

17. Adopt a collie

18. Make homemade ice cream

19. Go god sledding

20.  Travel to Greece

21.  Hold a baby kangaroo

22. Swim with dolphins

23.  Attend The Ellen Show

24.  Kiss under mistletoe

25.  Own a horse

26.  Solve a Rubik Cube

27. Shake hands with the President of the United States

28.  Milk a cow

29.  Have a fire place

30.  Go snorkeling