Free Riding Horse Jump

This is just absolutely amazing! She makes riding look like its SO easy. Believeeee me it is not so easy. I’ve been riding for a few months now and it is something I really enjoy. But it takes so much skill. I can only dream of being as amazing as she it!



Everyone always watches the Olympics amazed at the athletes.  The event that always just makes my jaw drop is the ice skating.  The exact movements and angles and everything it takes to land a triple axle I cant even imagine.  I just remember watching that Disney Channel movie Ice Princess and being inspired to go out on the ice and hope it would come naturally.  Of course it didn’t and I struggled just to stay up.  The Olympics always inspires me, not because I think I will ever be an athlete of that level, but because the dreams of that individual came true (corny post).  I started this blog to just be myself and to blog my way to becoming the person I want to be.  I want to be able to look forward and reflect on the past.  I want to become a veterinarian and make a difference.  Watching the Olympics makes me dream big =)  

Small girl, Big dreams

I want to grow up and be able to have a world map in my house.  I dream of having a ton of little red pins all over showing the places I’ve visited.  Along with being a world traveler id like to complete my college degree, go to vet school and be happy.  Here is my bucket list!

1. See the Northern Lights

2. Take a picture at the Hollywood sign in CA

3. Volunteer at the Elephant Rescue in Thailand

4. Ride in a hot air balloon

5. Ride a Gondola in Italy

6. Ride a Camel

7. See Niagara Falls

8. Act in a movie

9. Write a book

10. Save a life

11. Befriend a celebrity

12. Get Married

13. Attend the Olympics

14. Sleep in a castle

15. Start my own business

16. Get accepted to Vet school

17. Adopt a collie

18. Make homemade ice cream

19. Go god sledding

20.  Travel to Greece

21.  Hold a baby kangaroo

22. Swim with dolphins

23.  Attend The Ellen Show

24.  Kiss under mistletoe

25.  Own a horse

26.  Solve a Rubik Cube

27. Shake hands with the President of the United States

28.  Milk a cow

29.  Have a fire place

30.  Go snorkeling